Gather is a social app for planning trips and events with friends.

Create a trip, invite friends, and centralize your itinerary.

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Plan less. Do more.
Ditch the long email and text chains. Gather centralizes your group itinerary to keep everyone on the same page. Let everyone in the group see the destinations, travel dates, activities, accommodations, and flight confirmations for your trip.
Track Group Expenses
When you're partying hard in Vegas, you don't want to waste time remembering who picked up the dinner bill.
Keep track of group expenses before, during, and after your trip. Settle up with friends via *Venmo.
Ever been on a bachelor party trip and weren't sure who half the phone numbers in your group text message belong to?
Gather enables you to chat privately, in real-time, with the people you're traveling with.
Share text, pictures, videos, giphys, and real-time locations with your group.
Share Real-Time Locations
Every Gather trip comes with a map where you can view the locations of your accommodations, activites, and reservations of the trip.
It also allows you to share real-time locations with the friends and family you’re traveling with - perfect for coordinating at the airport, bar hopping, or figuring out where everyone is at on their drive to Tahoe!
Poll Your Group
Not sure which dates work for the group? Create a poll to decide!
With Gather, it’s easy to create a poll for dates, restaurants, trip participants, or any creative use you can think of!
Create An Agenda
Reserve a Top Golf table, or book a dinner reservation for the group — Gather makes it easy to plan the entire agenda for your trip.
Every person on the trip can see the whole agenda, from the moment people start arriving, to the moment they head home.
Share Flight Confirmations
Share flight confirmations with the group and see which flight everyone is on, which seats they’re in, and when they land.
Gather creates a custom email address for each trip that you can forward flight confirmation emails to — we’ll parse the data and add it to your itinerary for you.
Re-live Your Experience
Generate a TripStream video based on your destinations, media, and participants and re-live your trip or share it with friends & family. Customize the media and music used in the video.
Share the video with your friends on *Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
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